My work is the result of professional skills and techniques I've learnt over the years and the outcome of personal passion about handmade. With a background in Cultural Heritage and as an Object Art Restorer my attention to details and love for colours have always been part of my life.



I create bright functional ceramics with stoneware and raku clays. The high fired nature confers my pottery durability and strength. Hand painting and sgraffito are my distinctive decoration marks along with patterns and shapes which evolves constantly. 


I do everything from hand throwing and mixing colours to recycling clays by hand. I then selectively apply matt or gloss glazes that are food safe. I also like to work with different clay bodies to suit various projects. What makes my pieces unique is the dedicated attention to the finer details and my research of aesthetic.



The hand crafted nature of my items allows for slight differences, which confer them charm and individuality, so every design and piece is unique with a story to tell just like each of us.
Thus, when you buy one of my work you buy a little bit of Australia and Italy infused goodness and support my work and passion.
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